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Dancing with Lucas

Before they had children, Joke and Lucas first met pilgrims on their way to Santiago de Compostela when they were cycling from the western foot of the Pyrenees to the eastern one, from Biarritz to Perpignan. From that moment on it was a given in their lives: one day they would make that trip themselves.

About 28 years later it happens: Lucas starts in Irún to walk to Santiago de Compostela, Joke flies to Santiago and together they complete the journey by walking to Fisterra, to “the end of the world”.

Two weeks after returning home, it turns out that Lucas has a tumor in his left lung, the size of a CD. No sooner had the stories about the pilgrimage been told than the next journey was already imminent.

“A candid account of these two journeys, complete with all the conflicts that arise along the way, supports the emotional, at times even hilarious, correspondence that Joke carries on in the ten months that she and her husband are on their way to the end of another world: the world with Lucas”.


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Dancing with Lucas is in translation.

If you're interested in the English translation of Dansen met Lucas, let Joke know. She'll be motivated to keep up the good work and keep you posted on the progression!

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manuscript Dansen met Lucas

How it came about

The Book was not necessarily intended as a book. It was a personal need to put everything together. Literally. All the correspondence I had from the time Lucas and I came home from pilgrimage to Lucas’ farewell some 10 months

Schnitzels van Fred


The Book became too thick to fit in its cover. That was not noticed at first. The Book had become a pilgrimage in itself and a little lingering at the edge of the road now and then is quite pleasant.

Dancing with Joke and Lucas

Dancing with Joke and Lucas

The music from The Way to Paradise was the gift from Joke and Lucas to all those present at their wedding. It is the story of a relationship in music. You feel like dancin’?