manuscript Dansen met LucasThe Book was not necessarily intended as a book. It was a personal need to put everything together. Literally. All the correspondence I had from the time Lucas and I came home from pilgrimage to Lucas’ farewell some 10 months later. With the stories of the pilgrimage as an attachment. Because they hadn’t even been told yet, when the stories of the tumor found in Lucas fought for priority. And because they turned out to be so important in understanding how we also did this journey together.

As I put it all together, I kept getting stuck on issues I wasn’t really at peace with yet. But almost two years after Lucas’ death, I apparently had resolved the last blockage, because before I knew it, I sent the first pages to GVMedia. A few days later I got a call. That it looked interesting. And if I wanted to send the whole manuscript.

That’s how it came about. That it was suddenly called a manuscript. “Do you already have a title?” the publisher asked, when he called me because the whole manuscript was also considered worth publishing. No, I didn’t. “How about Dancing with Lucas?” he asked.

That’s when I really understood what was in the book.